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Participants at National Dialogue in Madagascar
Photo: NDI
About GEF Constituencies

The GEF Instrument provides for the effective representation and participation in decision-making of the 178 member countries of the GEF by grouping participating countries into 32 constituencies which are represented in the GEF Council. Following consultations among countries, constituencies were formed based on geographic regions and interests. Eighteen of the constituencies are made up of recipient country members and 14 are composed of donor country members, although some contain both, such as the constituency containing Switzerland and several countries in transition. A number of the principal donors to the GEF are single-member constituencies, but there are single-member recipient constituencies as well. Each constituency selects on a rotational basis a Council member and an alternate member for a maximum three-year term.

Constituency Meetings
The primary responsibility for coordination within the constituency lies with the Council member. Constituency meetings are an important tool in this regard, providing a useful forum in which to discuss Council issues as they relate to the constituency, and an opportunity for sharing knowledge and brainstorming.

Through the Country Support Program, the GEF provides funding to hold two constituency meetings each year to discuss coordination and integration issues and to consider government policy on GEF Council issues. Funds are also available for Focal Points to travel to two constituency meetings per year.

List of Constituencies
This list details the composition of the GEF recipient country constituencies and the countries which are currently representing them as Council Member and Alternate on the GEF Council.

(The constituencies for a number of new member countries are yet to be determined: Bosnia Herzegovina, Libya, Malta, Montenegro, and Timor-Leste (DR).)